About Us

A New Way of Doing Business

We believe the 21st Century requires a new way to think about business. Benefit corporations are one step towards a sustainable economic engine made for a new world. We applaud those who have been in pursuit of a triple bottom line - people, planet and profit - and don't believe those things are mutally exclusive.  Now, thanks to efforts from the good folks at B-Lab and others, the legal structures to support benefit corporations have been adopted in twelve states and are on the docket for more.


Trade and professional associations have been on the forefront of establishing codes of ethics and standards for industries and professions for years. Now it is time to participate in the next generation of standards setting. We provide a collaborative platform to bring the experts together to adopt and promulgate standards and give benefit corporations practical measures to use to assess their economic, social and environmental benefits.

Why BCSI, Inc.?


BCSI is cognizant of the importance maintaining independence in setting third-party standards. Independence is crucial in terms of creating trust and credibility. In addition to following ISO guidelines, our procedures are in line with the benefit corporation statutes.

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BCSI gathers professionals that have a high-level of expertise both in standards setting and in the business and association community. We want to build those bridges between all current sectors as this new "fourth sector" takes root and flourishes.

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BCSI produces standards that have depth as well as accessibility. We focus on striking a careful balance between being detailed enough to be meaningful but not so detailed as to be burdensome and impractical.

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