BCSI Standards

BCSI, Inc., is using a multi-staged process to establish standards that benefit corporations can use to measure their social and environmental impact. Our first standard is now open for public comment - click here.We start with our BCSI Core Principles which apply universally to all businesses who wish to become benefit corporations. As those Standards come online, we will openly publish them through this website. BCSI Standards will be known for specificity, practicality and will be written in such as way that consumers can easily understand them and correctly interpret annual reports filed by benefit corporations in their states.  We are also developing educational programs for the public to more easily understand social, economic and environmental impacts of business.

Standards Process

The following links are to our standards setting and accreditation policies and processes.  We will be accrediting certifying bodies once our standards are in place.

Setting Standards

Step 1

The decision is made to pursue establishing appropriate, reasonable and meaningful standards for businesses in a given trade or profession who wish to become benefit corporations.

Step 2

BCSI will assemble a cross-disciplinary standards development committee composed of volunteers from the Institute, and appropriate trade groups, professional groups, coalitions and experts.

Step 3

BCSI Committees will develop, recommend and publish an appropriate set of standards for a given kind of business.

Step 4

BCSI will openly publish the new standards. The association will endorse and promote use of the standards. Businesses will have a terrific tool and consumers will have confidence in its credibility.